Tips and Tricks: Lower Your Mileage Consumption!

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Tips and Tricks: Lower Your Mileage Consumption!

January 17, 2024

When thinking about getting a new lease one of the most important questions to ask yourself is “how many miles do I need” and then figuring out how many miles that breaks down to over the course of each year (ex. you may be allowed to drive 12k miles per year for your lease which equals 36k for the life of the lease.)

To save money, you may want to go with a lower mileage lease!


1. Car-pool to work or school – either with family, friends or co-workers

2. Use Public Transportation – (Ex, instead of driving into NYC for the night, take the LIRR/Subway.)

3. Choose “Shortest Distance” on your GPS – Many GPS are set to find the route with the shortest time even if it requires more miles. By changing this setting, you may take an extra few minutes but can save on miles.

4. Combine trips – Stopping at the pharmacy or grocery store on your way home from work instead of making an extra trip on the weekend may save time and miles.

5. Choose to fly or rent a vehicle for getting to your vacation destination – Longer trips will definitely eat up your mileage allowance so be sure to factor in the risk of mileage overage when comparing costs to fly or drive.